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Q & A

What does the Meet & Greet cost?

The event is free to all. All expenses are paid by the BHS Black & Gold Alumni Foundation and Neisens including room rental and entertainment. We encourage BHS class sponsors.

What is the Meet & Greet event?

The meet and greet event is a once a year gathering of Burnsville High school alumni, community and friends of Burnsville High School and the

Burnsville/Savage/Eagan school District 191.

It is meant to be used by BHS classes as a casual gathering for alumni who are looking for a low key, less structured environment that requires less planning and formal commitment on reunion committees.This is a 21+ event.

When is it held?

The Meet & Greet will be held toward fall. 

What is available for reunion committees?

Class lists, class sites and email list manager software is available for committees. You can also reserve the event room for an early dinner for your class only before the start of the Meet & Greet.



In 2006 the BHS Black & Gold Alumni Foundation put on what was to be a “one time” event for the 50th anniversary of the Burnsville High School. It was a success with close to 5,000 alumni attending over the 3 day event.  Out of the event came the “The Hall of Fame” inductions held by a separate committee. Also a loosely “All BHS Alumni dance” was started with minor fundraising. With moderate success it had attendance in the range of 150 to 450. After 5 years it was suspended in 2013. After discussion with fellow alumni it was decided to bring it back under the “Meet and Greet" format.  To offer a free casual event open to all and have it be as simple to operate as it could be with a flexible format. Discussions including moving it to the July time frame to avoid over lapping of the MN State Fair dates, Sturgis, Wefest and other late summer events.  Meet an old friend, invite the old team or club and enjoy the memories while making new ones.

See you all at the Meet and Greet!

For more info email: bhsalumni@burnsvilleblaze.com

5yr, 10yr, 20yr, 25yr, 30yr, 40yr, 50yr reunions etc. please contact BHSalumni@burnsvilleblaze.com for us to publish the dates and include in the email blasts.

Meet & Greet Events and Q & A


Invite from the Class of 1978
Well, It's time to "get the band back together", i.e. it's time for the next Burnsville High School Class of 1978 Reunion, our 40th!
We have a FREE event that includes a great band and even appetizers. Enjoy Ponzi Scheme, complete with horn section (yes, you will hear "25 or 6 to 4").
Bring your spouse, a date or even a close friend.
The official part of the event is for our class and it goes is 5-7:30pm. Then we it up to ALL BHS classes so it will breallly rock! Band comes on at 8pm.
Please spread the word to all BHS 1978 classmates you can still reach. Send them here to register or to BurnsvilleReunion.com.
Also, tell your BHS friends from other classes about the event so the can join in the fun a little later. No need for them to register. Just show up.

Questions? Interested in volunteering? Contact Mike O'Neil  moneil@integratedalliances or call 720-897-8254.

2018 All School Dance and Meet and Greet 

​(The All class reunion)

Invite your fellow classmates to come.

Last year close to 500 attended

Sept 22, 2018

When: Saturday, Sept 22 , 2017 at Neisens in Savage, MN.

Where: Neisens in Savage, MN
Format: Live Band   Ponzi Scheme

 The Class of 1978 is our host with their 40 year reunion